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The Color experiment - A lesson on color theory brings to life by IB



In this world that surrounds us, color is everywhere; Colors affect us in numerous ways, both mentally and physically. Color could convey information on traffic signals and signs. Color is also used in Public environment, lighting, clothing design, interior design and many more applications. Color even affects our appetite and the desire to purchase. Imagine if our life has no color, the world becomes very dull.

As far as Visual Arts students concerned, color is an important tool. A wonderful color scheme will make their work more impactful; On the contrary, a bad color scheme will destroy their work. In this unit, the topic is to discuss how to use color harmoniously.


In process of teaching, the experiment the teacher conducted made the students understand the properties of the color: hue, value and saturation. Through the analysis of some examples, the students grasped the understanding of using saturation and value effectively in artwork. And through cooperation skills and research skills, the students were able to work in groups and try out the exercise on value. The interesting practices have deepened the students’ understanding on the concept of color.