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Comparative study presentation

Comparative study is a part of visual arts——compare and contrast the work of different artists from different cultural contexts. This is also a new addition to the assessment tasks in IB visual arts. Through developing emotional intelligence and critical thinking skills, art students would become proficient in expressing their point of view with confidence.




Angela老师引用了斯坦福大学对艺术的定义,深入浅出的帮学生讲解艺术是什么,并用视觉艺术的分析法讲解了Jim Fitz Patrick的作品《切·格瓦拉》,从对作品的第一印象、文化背景、功能和目的、作品材质到创作原理和方法,有序地分析了作品,在潜移默化中学生们对比较学习有了自己的理解。

Miss Angela cited the definition of art from Stanford University to help students explore what is art, and adopted the method of Visual Analysis to interpret artwork "Che Guevara" created by Jim Fitz Patrick. The framework evaluate artwork based on First impression, Cultural Context, Function & Purpose, Media to Formal Element, the clear analysis of the work helped students to deepen understanding. 


After class, students presented their topics through group discussion, students selected “Marlin Monroe” done by Andy Warhol and "the unknown girl" done by Ivan Nicholas and provided their analysis of Comparative Study. During the class, they attempted to voice their opinions boldly and every member in group gave their point of view actively.