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Moles’ definition test 摩尔单元定义测验

In April the students learned the Moles unit, it is very important for the students to understand the specific words to the subjects, so I design a test which is like a game called “you say ,I guess”, the aim of the game is to get the students to recall the definitions to key scientific terms. The students were placed into six groups and took turns in guessing what the correct scientific word was from just the definitions that their partner was tell them. The students had a limited time in which to guess the correct words. A bonus point is given to the team if they could guess the words that they learned before correctly, which encouraged the students to review the words that they learned before, it is different type of test compared to traditional paper testing as In this process the students improve their communication skill in English and thinking skill, at the same time they are having fun.

在四月份,我们结束了摩尔这一单元的学习。对于科目本身来说,单词的理解至关重要,因此我设计了一个游戏形式的单词测验-“你说我猜”,游戏的目的就是让学生复习关键术语的定义。在规定的时间内,完成测验。将同学们分成六组,每组两人,一个人说一个人猜,另外还设置了附加分,鼓励学生复习之前所学过的单词 ,改变了以往枯燥的纸质测验模式。在这个过程中不仅锻炼了学生的英语口语表达能力和思考能力,而且同学们非常享受在这个过程中所获得的乐趣!