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The dawn of Chemistry

Chemistry is a subject which connects theory and practical experiments. It is the study of how matter reacts with each other to form new substances. The study of matter began a long time ago by philosophers in the ancient world and the science of chemistry started with conducting experiments to prove the theory.Fromthis period, many Chemists have made excellent contributions to old theories and proposed new ones.


Forour students, it is not only important to know the theory but also the story of how thetheorydeveloped.In this month bothyear 11 and year 10 students chose one chemist to gather information on the background of the chemistry knowledge point and then undergo some research on the Chemist. To complete the project, the students then showed their work in different ways like creating posters, PPT presentationsor a written report. Thisnot only expanded the student’s study of theory but also developed their research, thinking and writing skills.

Year 11: