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“Zoopotia” Job Centre Simulation “疯狂动物城”人才中心模拟招聘

   In Macroeconomics study, one main aim of the government is to keep a high and stable level of employment in the economy. However, it is hard for our students to relate their own life experience with this topic because schoolchildren are not counted as economically active in the labour force. The objective of mock job centre activity is to set up a familiar scenario where students can act different roles to practice for the real thing. Thus, they can develop social and communication skills by group work and oral interviews. More importantly, it is fairly easy for students to grasp the key content in this unit under a user-friendly environment.


The “HR manager” Nelson was asking Marmalade questions.


 Initially, students volunteered to be the managers and HR managers of three companies in “Zootopia”, and then the candidates could fill out the job application forms to create their resumes. After that, students participate in a realistic job interview role play that involves six interviewers and eleven interviewees.


Jeff was answering “boss” Jennifer’s questions


The HR managers asked candidates some general questions:

l  Tell me about yourself.

l  Do you prefer working with others or alone?

l  How do you get along with different types of people?

l  Why did you choose this particular career path or what led to your chosen profession?






The next step was for the managers to rate the candidates competency and gave hiring recommendation. The on-site recruiting was fierce and filled with joys and sorrows, fortunately seven candidates got through the interviews successfully.


The “boss” Hubert was rating Zachery’s competency


Finally, not only did the three managers talk about the key reasons for the recruitment and gave suggestions for training and on-the-job coaching, but they pointed out the strengths and weaknesses of unemployed candidates.

After the class, Hubert, one of the company’s manager, said, “Everyone was happy during the activity, I felt like this was a real job interview, but candidates should be better prepared for the interview.”



Kenneth and Hubert were discussing the application form.


In short, the teacher just acted as a facilitator in the whole process, whereas students engaged in the activity to have more insights into the labour market, and engage in some self-reflection.