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English A Students Explore Word Classes in Songs

    Pre-IB English A students tried their hands on identifying the nouns, adjectives, verbs and adverbs in English songs for weekend homework, and did a lively presentation of what they found in class on 11th March. Apart from picking out the word classes learned recently as part of their ‘Introduction to English Language’ unit, they had to think about the effects and meanings specific word classes have on the listeners. The example they were guided through by their teacher last week was Keane’s self-composed song, ‘Somewhere Only We Know’. The students pondered over the verbs and adjectives of significance in that song and had fun discussing the various interpretations they came up with as audience members. The IB’s ATL (Approaches To Learning) skills of Oral Communication and Critical Thinking were used as criteria to assess whether students have demonstrated key competences in transferring what they have learnt. Everyone enjoyed the interesting presentations and analyses accompanied by some thought-provoking music.

英文A 学生探究歌曲中的词类

    IB预备班英文A课程的学生在周末作业中,尝试在英文歌曲中去分辨名词、形容词、动词和副词,并在3月11日的课上进行了一次生动的演讲。作为“英语语言的介绍”单元学习的一部分,学生除了要分别近期所学的词类,还要思考具体词类对听者所传达的效果和意义。上周英文老师给同学们讲解的一个例子是Keane自编歌曲“唯有我们知道的地方”(Somewhere Only We Know)。学生们努力思考动词和形容词在那首歌中的重要性,并饶有乐趣地讨论了对于不同受众的不同解读。IB课程的学习方法技能中有口头交流和批判性思考技能,这次也被当作标准去评估学生是否展示出他们的学习迁移能力。每名同学非常愉悦地投入到有趣的演讲和分析一些富有启迪的音乐。