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English A

Reinventing Oscar Wilde’s A Woman of No Importance

Year 10 English A

(ATL attribute: Collaborative and Communication skills)



Before the Mid-Autumn Festival holidays, Year 10 English A students put their collaborative and communication skills to the test with a challenge to reinvent Oscar Wilde’s play, A Woman of No Importance.

中秋节前夕,IB 十年级学生们通过改写奥斯卡瓦尔德的戏剧《无关紧要的女人》,锻炼了自己的合作与交流技能。


In groups of three, students were given the task of rewriting the opening to the play and modernising the language in order to discover the hidden meanings of the witty character dialogue. By placing the play in a modern setting, students were also able to appreciate andunderstand how their reading of Wilde’s work is affected by the original Victorian context of the play.



Furthermore, students displayed many of the key attributes stated in the IB Learner Profile, specifically that of a risk-taker and participant, by performing their rewritten scenes in class before their peers.

在此基础上,同学们通过在课堂上表演出自己改写的瓦尔德戏剧开场部分,IB 学习者目标的特质,尤其是冒险精神和合作精神,也得到了充分地展示。