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English B

English B ‘Drawing the Story’ Activity

Pre-IB Grade Ten students enjoyed sketching various parts of the story they were reading for comprehension in class before the festive break. The passage was about the history of stamp-collecting in their textbook, under the topic, ‘Hobbies& Interests’, and each group of students was given a few paragraphs to sketch. The students had to discuss the main plot in their paragraphs and how to use pictures to capture that succinctly and effectively. Then they took turns to come to the board to draw their images while their group mates described the story to the class. Everyone had a lot of fun in this activity that allowed them to transfer their thinking from words to visuals, as well as work together to complete their sections of the task.


IB 预备班的十年级学生们开展了一堂有趣生动的“画出故事”的英语B课。此篇英语阅读是在“兴趣与爱好”单元里的关于收集邮票的历史。学生们以小组为单位负责对不同段落进行画图解读。同学们需要在对文章段落深入理解的基础上,通过画图来诠释文本的内涵和故事的情节。然后同学们轮流依次上讲台画出文章内容并口头复述解释文章以及图画的含义。此次阅读课提供了同学们小组合作将文字转译成图形并复述表达的机会,不仅锻炼了同学们英语阅读技能,还大大提高了学生们思维转移从文字到图案,再从图案到口述的能力。