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English B

English B Dragons’ Den Activity

英语B Dragons’ Den 活动

This week, students in our Pre-IB grade ten English B classes tried their hands on a ‘Dragons’ Den’ activity after learning how to write a speech and completing their writing practice last weekend. Their writing was on a speech under the topic of “Save the X” in which X refers to an endangered animal of the student’s choice. In their groups, students were tasked to take turns making a pitch to the rest of their groups members about why their particular animal was the one most worth saving. They had to give very convincing information about the animals as well as use very emotive language to answer any questions their group members or ‘Dragons’ had for them.

这周英语十年级IB预备班的同学们在完成了学习如何写一篇演讲稿的写作任务之后,体验了Dragons’ Den的活动。此次写作题目是“拯救X”。X指的是需要拯救的濒临灭绝的动物。学生们在小组内依次轮流演说自己所选择的需要拯救的动物以及原因。同学们需要通过非常有说服力的说辞和丰富的感情进行演讲以及回答Dragon们(同学们)的各种问题。

During the activity, their English B teachers also went round to assess their ATL: Communication skills. Students were encouraged to speak in loud and clear language to deliver successful pitches. At the end of the activity, groups chose their favourite students who then gave their speeches in front of the whole class to garner votes. Open discussion followed about their speech techniques to recap what they had learnt before. The student receiving the most votes from each class was awarded candy and everyone enjoyed strengthening their oral skills through this lively activity!