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Kazakhstan ‘Shock 2’ Exchange

哈萨克斯坦Shock 2’交流

Over two Wednesdays on the 23rd and 30th of November, pre-IB grade ten students held English exchange sessions with another IB school in Kazakhstan. Via Zoom, an internet software similar to Skype but with a bigger range of functions, our English A and B students took turns presenting two-minute speeches and getting feedback from both sides. Topics must be of global significance in the IB’s spirit of ‘international-mindedness’, and ranged from choosing environmentally friendly cars to water wars and issues surrounding being a teenager.


Despite initial problems with the technical set-up, once the speeches got under way, several interesting questions were raised to get to know both cultures better. For instance, there were questions on how much homework the students typically get in China and Kazakhstan as well as how to improve communication and relationships with those around them. Every presenter was marked using a common scale agreed on by both sides before, and strengths and weaknesses discussed. Students had fun learning from one another’s presentation styles and fascinating powerpoint slides.