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St. Patrick’s Day Celebration in English B Class!

Grade Ten Pre-IB students had a great time celebrating St. Patrick’s Day in their English B period last Friday, the 17th March,2017. Prior to the day, they had been told to dress in green— the symbolic colour of St. Patrick’s Day. Their teachers decided to combine the two English B classes and play a game of ‘musical chairs’ with the students. They were first shown a short video clip on the history and culture surrounding the festival, asked to take notes, then a green box was passed round the class as Irish music was played. The student that ended up with the green box when the music stopped was then asked a question based on the information presented. If the student answered wrongly, a round of ‘truth or dare’ ensued which saw some cunning questions as well as personal answers being revealed, much to the audience’s enjoyment! The festivities ended with a distribution of candy to thank everyone’s participation. On the whole, much was learnt about this important Irish day in a vibrant and fun-filled way.

2017年3月17日,十年级IB预备班的同学们在英语B课上度过了一节愉快的圣派特里克节。 节日前,同学们都了解到在节日当天要穿戴绿色衣物的节日传统。当天课上,两个英语B班级的同学们都聚在一起,准备好击鼓传花的游戏。首先,老师播放了一段关于圣派特里克节日历史与文化传统的短片,并要求在看短片的同时记录下细节信息。接着,随着爱尔兰圣派特里克节传统音乐的响起,同学们开始传递画有三叶草的绿盒子。当音乐停止的一瞬间,谁拥有盒子就要回答一个和视频短片相关的一个问题。如果回答错了,那就需要接受真心话大冒险的挑战。并且问题或者挑战由其余同学们提出。回答对的可以获得糖果。通过此次活动,同学们以寓学于乐的形式学到了很多关于此次节日和爱尔兰的传统文化