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English B

Christmas – Learning English through songs

Just before the Christmas break, English A and B students had a combined class of  learning English through songs and cultural appreciation through understanding the significance of the season.


Some pre-lesson research had been assigned the day before so that students would be able to share the relevant information when needed (e.g. the Nativity, caroling & madrigals, authorship of “Silent Night”, origins of “The Magnificat ,etc).

在课堂上,同学间一起分享了课前搜索调查的圣诞文化知识。如:基督诞生记、圣诞颂歌、 《平安夜》的作者、《圣母颂》的起源等等。

After an initial elicitation of their responses to “What is Christmas to you?”, the students were treated to a  rendition  of “Silent Night’” by both teachers,  accompanied by one of the students on the guitar. The students were quick to pick up the  tune, and against the backdrop of the Nativity scene, were able to better appreciate  the lyrics. They followed up with “Jingle Bells” and “We wish you a Merry Christmas”.


In the second half, they read the Christmas story from the Bible, and then watched a 10 minute movie re- enactment of the  first Christmas. This gave them some idea of the cultural backdrop and the feel of the times.