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ATL Strengths Sharing Activity in English B class


Grade 10 English B students learned about the ATL (Approaches to Learning) in the pre-IBDP programme in a fun and kinaesthetic activity in class this week. One of their teachers took them through what the 5 ATL skills are first, and they jotted down notes on what the Social, Communication, Research, Thinking and Self-management skills refer to in their notebooks. Then their other English B teacher stuck these skills on posters around the classroom and asked the students to stand under the one that they felt they were the best at.

新学期伊始,IB 十年级的学生展开了一堂有趣又富有活力的ATL (学习方法)英语认知课。在通过老师播放的一组短视频了解了五种ATL 学习方法的基本含义之后, 学生们摘记了这五种学习方法的内涵以便在日后的学习中便于借鉴。这五种学习方法分别是:社交技能,交流技能,研究技能,思考技能和自我管理技能。之后,老师将这五种技能的海报纸粘贴在教室四周,学生根据自己的认知,选择自己最为擅长的一项技能,并组成小组聚集在海报旁边。

After some frantic scrambling and initial awkwardness, the students arranged themselves under the skill sets. They were then tasked to talk about why they thought they were good at that skill and suggestions they would give their classmates on how to improve those skills. Students shared ideas and consulted their teachers. Finally, each group gave their feedback to the rest of the class. This lively activity enabled the students to deepen their understanding of all the ATL skills as well as how they could improve them. So it was a very good activity for the start of their pre-IB course.

 在经过一番纠结的抉择之后,学生们最终选出了自己认为最为擅长的技能。然后进行了组内讨论关于:1. 你认为此项学习技能的真正内涵对于你来说你什么?2.为何你认为自己擅长此技能?3.对于此技能,你对大家在日后的学习当中有何建议?在讨论期间,学生们积极交换意见,交流想法。最后,每组学生都对全班进行了交流分享与反馈。通过此次具有活力的ATL学习课,学生们不仅对于这五项技能得到了进一步的深入了解,并且也增进了彼此之间的友谊。总之,这是一次对于IB预科来说非常成功的活动课。