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English B

English B ‘Hot Seat’ Activity

Grade 10 pre-IB English B students had a great time in their lessons during the second week of term doing a ‘hot seat’ activity under the topic of Hobbies and Interests. In small groups of 3 to 4, they had to discuss to come up with a hobby to mime for the rest of the class to guess. The teachers kept scores on the groups that guessed correctly on the board. All kinds of unusual hobbies were enacted by the creative students which were also very hard to guess, such as collecting currencies and practising oral English. Everyone applauded the winning group at the end and agreed that it was a very enjoyable way of using the words and phrases learnt so far in their guesses. 

英语B “热座位圈”课堂活动十年级预备班的英语B课开展了一次名为 “热座位圈”的课上活动。 在本单元的 “兴趣与爱好”课上,大家以三到五人为一小组,先讨论本组准备要模仿的兴趣或者爱好。然后通过肢体语言的模仿,让全班同学猜测所模仿的“兴趣与爱好”。 猜对的任一小组将会得到一分,若没有小组能够猜出,则该小组获得一分。同学们竭尽全力表演出本小组选出的最为不平常的兴趣爱好,例如收集钱币和练习英语口语。在经过大家积极抢答竞猜之后,同学们都为猜测出的小组报以热烈的掌声。同时,同学们都深切体会到此次用自己所学的英语来猜测的乐趣。