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English B‘Desert Island’Presentations

 英语B ‘荒岛’口语展示


Pre-IB Grade 10 students did their first solo oral presentations in their English B classes this week under the topic of ‘Music’. Their task was to imagine they were to be cast away on a desert island all by themselves and could only choose one music track to listen to for the rest of their lives there.

IB 预备10年级学生进行了开学以来的第一次英语B课堂的口语PPT展示。展示的内容主题为‘音乐’。学生们的任务是:试想你将被遗忘在一座大海荒漠孤岛上并且你只能选择一首音乐带去此岛上度过余生,你将会选择那一首歌。

Students were instructed in segments throughout the whole process, from researching the first part of their presentations on the singers’ background to the second part on their feelings towards the chosen songs. During the preparation of their presentations in class, their teachers were on hand to make sure their slides were done appropriately and to troubleshoot any problems they have encountered to do with the technicalities. Once their powerpoint/ keynote slides were made, they were asked to write a coherent script in a separate Word document to help them with the language in their actual delivery.


When they were ready to present, student names were drawn randomly from a box in class and they went to the front of the class one at a time. Mark sheets were explained and distributed to the whole class in advance and the rest of the students had to peer-assess as they listen to one another’s presentations. Immediately after every presentation, their teachers led a feedback session on what worked well and what did not. When the whole class had finished their presentations, all the students were also tasked to write a short reflection on how they felt they have done, personal or newly discovered strengths and weaknesses, etc. in their notebooks.


This activity was a milestone for the Grade 10 English B students as it was their first attempt at individual presentations. It allowed them to develop their oral fluency, alongside ATL (Approaches To Learning) skills such as Communication, Research and Thinking skills. Everyone had fun listening to some wonderful music and improving their English at the same time!