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Momentum Laboratory

During Week 2 Year 11 Physics SL students improved their understanding of the current topic Momentum(动量) with a practical activity. Water containers (桶装饮用水) were used to investigate qualitative aspects of momentum exchange during elastic collisions between objects of equal and unequal masses. The also investigated exchanging their own body momentum with heavy moving objects. Their equipment included a trolley and both small and large drinking water containers (11kg and 19kg respectively).

Student Collaboration Visit

An international Year 11 student from a neighbouring IBDP school in Suzhoumade a casual visit last Sunday (18 Sep 2106). He collaborated with Physics SL students to devise laboratory experiments to demonstrate the principles of Momentum(动量).

It was useful for our students and their guest to experience the each other’s different learning styles and perspectives between the different IBDP programs. They practiced their collaboration and English communication skills while they formulated their own laboratory activities and discussed how they would report their methods and results.


为了加深学生对动量的理解, 11年级修读物理的学生在开学第二周进行了一个实践性活动。用桶装水来定性的研究相同质量物体与不同质量物理之间的弹性碰撞。同时学生们也探究了自身与其他运动物体之间的动量转换。实验器材包括11公斤与19公斤的桶装饮用水及小车。



Momentum PH11SL