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Projectile Motion in Sports


During week 3 Y11 physics HL students did a project about projectile motion in sports. They recorded some videos for their classmates who are in the basketball team. The videos were then used bythe physics students to investigate the projectile motion in sports. Physics students inserted their videos to the Logger pro software and then analyzed the projectile motion. Aftertheir analysis and calculations, each team then carried out a presentation showcasing their work and later told the basketball players how to shoot a perfect free-throw every time, with what speed and at what angle.

在本学期第三周的时候,我校十一年级修读物理(高级课程)的同学们做了一项关于体育运动中的抛体运动的研究。他们在与篮球队的同学打篮球的过程中录下了录像,并将录像导入Logger Pro软件中进行分析,经过一系列的分析与运算,他们得出结论并在物理课上做了演讲,他们向班上同学展示和介绍了其分析与计算过程,并分享了他们的结论,如篮球队员用多大的速度与多大的角度能够获得更高的投球准确率。


It was useful for our physics students to apply the theoryknowledgethat they learned in class to real life situation. This work was also helpful for the basketball players to improve their skills. The physics Y11 Higher Level student practiced not only their physics knowledge, but also their communication and thinking skills.