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Mini EE in the pipelines 微型专题论文在准备中

      The Pre-IB programme has planned a Mini EE week in May to allow the students to experience simulating research work for their real EE (Extended Essay) next year. Being a core of the IBDP, the EE requires students to undertake a piece of individual research on a topic of their own interest and hand in a formal report. It was decided that implementing a mini version of the EE with a slightly simplified set of criteria and half the word count would help ease all the students in their actual EE work in Grade 11 and 12.


      According to the timelines in place, various subject groups will provide their students with information about what writing a mini EE in their subject group entails in March. Then preparation will officially begin on 1st April with a briefing by the EE coordinator, Ms. Estella Wong. This is followed by two enquiry sessions where students can go and ask relevant subject teachers any questions they have. After their initial brainstorming period, students have to submit their ‘Choosing my EE subject’ form to their subject heads by 13th April. Then they carry out more detailed planning for their projects before submitting their ‘Focus identification’ form to their subject teachers. Throughout this period, their subject teachers are available for consultation on possible ideas and approaches. Once their research questions, methods, possible sources and supervising teachers are confirmed, students are also required to draft their own work schedules for the Mini EE week using a recommended template.

      根据所定的时间表,各学科组将在三月份给学生们介绍不同学科微型专题论文的写作要求。从41起,由专题论文协调员Estella Wong老师牵头着手准备工作,随后将有两个答疑阶段,期间学生可以去询问相关学科老师。经过这个“头脑风暴”的阶段,学生们就要在413前向各学科负责人递交各自的“选择专题论文的学科”的表格。紧接着,学科老师会在可能的想法和方法上指导学生。一旦学生确定其研究问题、研究方法、可能的资源及督导老师,他们要用规定的论文模板在“微型专题论文周”递交其初稿。

      The Mini EE week will officially fall on 22 April to 3 May in which all staff and students will devote all their time and energy to their research work instead of normal lessons. The week will then culminate in a ‘viva voce’ where students have to answer a few reflection questions from their supervising teachers and a Parents’ Conference where they get to showcase what they have done for their parents in the evening.

     “微型专题论文周”将于 422至5月3日正式举办,届时将暂停平时的上课,所有师生则全心投入他们的研究工作。这周还将举行“口头答辩”,学生要回答他们的督导老师所提的一些反思问题,同时也会召开一场家长会,学生们将要在晚上向他们的家长展示其研究成果。