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Mini EE now under way 微型专题论文正在进行中

According that what was previously planned, the Pre-IBDP Grade 10 students’ Mini EE (Extended Essay) week is now well under way. All the students will spend this entire week working on their own research projects on a particular subject topic, while their supervisor teachers give them consultative feedback twice a day. This is designed for the students to develop vital time-management skills as they simulate the research process of doing their real EE next year. Every morning the EE coordinator gives them a briefing on the stage they should be at a particular time and reminds them of certain essential components, such as using the Researcher’s Reflection Space and keeping a summary of their secondary reading. Students are then free to use the library or laboratories for research, experiments and self-study depending on what they have planned in their personal time schedules. It is believed that by the end of this grueling process, students would have learnt a great deal about themselves as novice researchers as well as their chosen topics of interest!