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Mini EE Culminates in Student-led Conference 微型专题论文在学生主导会议上精彩呈现

Finally, the pre-IB grade ten students finished their week-long Mini EE (Extended Essay) project (22 April-3 May) and had a great time presenting their work to their parents on Friday, 6th May.

历经一周多的努力,预备班学生最终顺利完成了专题论文的课题研究工作(4月22日到5月3日), 并于5月6日(周五)向其家长展示了研究成果,大家共同度过了一段美好的午后时光。

After they submitted their final mini EEs to their supervising teachers earlier in the week, the teachers had a long cross-marking and discussion session to standardize the marks. They then gave their comments to the students on Friday morning, while the students put in finishing touches to the presentation of this project, as well as samples of excellent work they had done for their other subjects.


When their parents arrived in the afternoon, the students were ready with their folders , PPTs and evidence of all the work they were proud of to show their parents. The parents also had a nice time looking at what their children had been doing and achieved this term. They then collected their kids’ mid-term report cards from their homeroom teachers and talked to individual subject teachers about their performance in specific areas. It was generally agreed that reinforcing both strengths and weaknesses in an individual student’s learning of a subject was useful as a stock-taking method and for an effective continuation of the term from next week. This was the students’ first student-led conference and many of them felt it was a lovely way of strengthening both their confidence and presentation skills.


“My dad says it’s eye-opening to see the work I’ve done till now,” commented one of the students. Since many of the parents had not personally experienced the IB course, it also allowed them to observe the differences in the learning process first hand, and deepen their understanding of what the course is trying to inculcate in the students.