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Year 10 Student-led Conference and IB Exhibition Showcase Student Achievements



On Friday 5th May, the pre-IB Year 10 students held their first Student-led Conference in which every student displayed some of their excellent work across their subjects to their parents. On the same day, parents also got to visit an IB Exhibition in the library building to see for themselves the results of student efforts throughout the whole of the first semester till now. The day ended with parent-teacher consultations over their children’s performances in their mid-semester report cards.


The Student-led Conference is an annual pre-IB event with the objective of allowing Year 10 students to build confidence and pride in the work they have produced since joining the IB high school. Each student prepared one to two pieces of work they are the proudest of in every subject they take, whether they be tests, quizzes, interactive activities, projects, essays or homework, and arranged them neatly in a folder to talk their parents through their ideas, difficulties overcome in the process and what they have learnt at the completion. Parents came out of the conference with a greater understanding of what their children have been taught in the pre-IB course, both in terms of subject tasks as well as other essential attributes such as oral abilities and presentation skills.


The IB Exhibition was a chance to showcase the Year 10s’ Extended Project essays which were their first long, research essays that took them a whole week to accomplish, the Year 11s’ excellent Visual Art pieces and the Year 9 incoming pre-IB students’ interdisciplinary pieces at the end of their Orientation sessions recently. During the few weeks of their Orientation sessions to get a taste of the IB, the Year 9 students with IB offers took lessons in English, Chinese, Essential Studies, Mathematics, the Sciences, Economics/ Business Studies and Visual Art/ Music, depending on subject selections. Then they were guided by their IB teachers to combine what they have learnt in several different subjects into either a piece of art work, poem or music which were also highlighted at the IB Exhibition. That morning, visitors were treated to live music by the said students while they milled around the hall admiring all the other creative art pieces and essays. A projector on site also screened various photographs of the IB students’ recent Service Trips to Thailand and Yunnan, adding to the lively atmosphere of the whole place! Along the IB corridor, posters of the trips designed by students and staff were also hanged to narrate their memorable experiences and learning.



在展会上,背景墙上滚动播放着十年级学生与十一年级学生参加 “云南与泰国义工之行”的照片,为整个展厅增添了灵动的气氛。同时,在IB教学楼的四楼走廊里,也展览着师生们为这次义工之精心行设计的海报,这些海报以形象的图片、有趣的文字向家长们生动地叙述着义工行程中一个个有趣的故事。

At the end of the day, parents of both grades of students left the school not only with their children’s report cards, but also a deeper sense of appreciation for what they have achieved so far. The way students have shown themselves capable of independent, interdisciplinary learning as well as learning through physically volunteering to help the less advantaged in their Service Trips all bear testament to the dynamic and unconventional approaches in the IB!